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Batticaloa District

District Consortium

Name of Organization  

Consortium of Non-Governmental Organizations Batticaloa District (INAYAM

District/Project Location


Batticaloa District

Inayam was registered under Voluntary Services Organization Act No. 31 of 1980 and the Registration No. BT/RVSS/2002/08 dated 16th January, 2002.


  • To improve the capacity of the local NGOs functioning in Batticaloa District

  • To establish local level network and promote partnerships

  • To create conclusive climate for the exchange of view on development issues among similar organizations

  • To provide support to conduct integrated development program / projects based on expressed needs.

  • To act as a forum to discuss issues on community and institutional development.

  • To create awareness among people to pursue their rights to accessibility to services provided by the government agencies.

  • To promote close co-ordination between government and non-governmental agencies

  • To facilitate organizations which promote people-oriented policies and strategies in the program conducted by the government ·

  • To provide advice to organizations to continue their project activities without disruption.

  • To create awareness on Human rights and provide support to take appropriate action for the violations of human rights.

  • To encourage local organizations to foster communal harmony among different ethnic groups.

  • To take appropriate actions to provide relief for those affected by natural and manmade disasters.

Present Development Activities

  • Institutional Support [for coordination, maintain DC office, DC Meetings, Public Relation]

  • Strengthening the network of other CSOs

  • Building coalitions between DCs and other networks of CSOs

External Assistance Received

  • SLCDF/Diakonia – Networking – Rs. 675,000 - 2018 

  • SLCDF/UNDP- RIVER - Rs. 250,000 - 2018 

  • SLCDF/Diakonia – Networking – Rs. 1,620,000 - 2019 

  • SLCDF/Palmera- Emergency relief –Rs. 1,891,050 - 2019 

  • SLCDF/Palmera – Flood relief - Rs. 3,636,085 - 2019 

  • Internews - Rs. 300,000 - 2019

Activities / Inputs

  • Institutional Support [for coordination, maintain DC office, DC Meetings, Public Relation]

  • Strengthening the network of other CSOs

  • Building coalitions between DCs and other networks of CSOs


  1. Viluthu Centre for Human Resource Development  

  1. Youth Development Aham 

  1. Social Development Informative Movement 

  1. Kaviya Self-Development woman Center 

  1. Women Development Forum 

  1. Koralai Pattu North Development Union 

  1. Working Women Development Foundation  

  1. Rural Development Planning Organization  

  1. Eastern Social Development Foundation 

  1. Civil citizens Council of Batticaloa  

  1. National Integrated Rehabilitation and Development  



  1. People’s Union for Social Welfare 

  1. Selzumai Rural Public Organization  

  1. Eastern Human and Economic Development  

  1. Women in Need 

  1. Sareeram 

  1. White Peacock Organization 

  1. Eastern Self-Reliant Community Weakening Organization  

  1. Network for Advocating Requirements of Women  

  1. Women Development Foundation 

  1. Young Men’s Christian Association 

  1. PALM Community Development Services Company 

  1. ASH-SHUBBAN Welfare Association 

  1. Sarvodayam 

  1. Organization for Community Empowerment and Development  

  1. Serving Humanity through Empowerment and Development  

  1. People Welfare Association  

  1. Social Welfare Organization  

  1. WEDF 

  1. Porativu Pattu Development Rehabilitation Organization   

  1. Eastern social Development Foundation  


  1. BESSO 

  1. Community Resource Development Organization  

  1. PADRO 

  1. WDG NGO 

  1. Social Economics  Development Organization  

  1. Social Economics  & Education Development Association  

  1. Home Productivity Development Center 

  1. Sun Rice Organization  

  1. Meesan Sri Lanka 

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