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Working with

CBOs, NGOs, and Network of Organizations

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Rural Digital Literacy Initiative

​Sri Lanka's rural digital literacy initiative, boosted by the pandemic, targets economic growth, global access, and empowerment. Strategic measures align with national goals, emphasizing local ownership, efficient budget allocation, and ongoing transparency. The initiative is poised to catalyze transformative empowerment and economic resilience. 


NOURISH Initiative

Sri Lanka's Nurturing Our Underprivileged with Reclaimed and Improved Sustainable Healthinitiative addresses poverty and food insecurity by providing nutritious meals through the Meal a Day Programme, targeting vulnerable populations. The program incorporates a food drive and community engagement, with implementation strategies including needs assessment, partnerships, and nutritional planning. 

About Us

SLCDF Vision is

To become a Dynamic Facilitator for Civil Society

Work throughout the country to improve the lives of marginalized community and reduce poverty. SLCDF has been providing development support for marginalized community through SGs, CBOs, NGOs and DCs and network of organizations in Sri Lanka for last three decades. SLCDF has facilitated the mobilization, promoted participatory process and build the capacities of the NGO sector. During this period SLCDF has made a major contribution towards empowering and advancing the quality of lives of thousands of marginalized communities in the country.

SLCDF has the experiences in the field of disaster assistance and provided support for flood victims and set up five disaster centers in five locations with basic equipment's. SLCDF got involved with 2004 Tsunami disaster in the relief and rehabilitation programmers and post tsunami livelihood development activities in six districts. Also help war affected families in North and East changing the policy working with government control Women's Rural Development Societies (WRDSs), Rural Development Societies (RDSs) and Cooperatives. Currently SLCDF involved in COVID 19 epidemic situation and distributed dry ration parcels in collaboration with DCs and network of organizations.


Capacity building of CSOs

Capacitate and facilitate with knowledge, skills and technology.


Promote and Practice participatory development process

Increase active citizenship and accountability at all levels.


Empower vulnerable groups

Women, children, youth, the elderly and persons with disabilities are empowered as citizens.


Promote and practice environment sustainability

Ensure environmental sustainability in all projects and programmes.


Strengthen and deliver accountable governance

Productive resource management, effective operation and smooth networking and collaborating among all partners.


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